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Hi my name is Sugarplum and I am a "real fairy"

I live at the bottom of the garden where the air is sweet, surrounded by fluttering butterflies and flowers at my feet.

Please invite me to your party, I will happily attend, just call me on my fairy phone and tell me where and when.

Fairy parties are so much fun, we'll dance and play games and have face painting too, catch bubbles and sprinkle fairy dust to help all your wishes come true.


I know the tooth fairy, her name is "Sparkle". I always tell her about my new fairy friends and she magically knows where you live, so when your tooth falls out she will know exactly where to go.

Party suggestions

* Face painting

*Fun games and dancing


*Pass the fairy prize box

* Puppets

* Wishing stones & fairy dust

*Fairytale mail for the lucky Birthday girl

* Lolly treasure hunt

* Fairy wand balloons

“Wishing you fairy wings and wonderful things”

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