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 “Ahoy there me hearties”


Get ready to celebrate your next swashbuckling event !


 Direct to you from the ocean blue, meet Jolly Jackie the Pirate girl and her feathered friend 'Pat' the parrot.

Walk the plank and go on a scavenger hunt but be sure to follow the leader and the treasure map too. Remember we have to go north, south, east and west and look for the rock marked with an X to find the booty of gold and all the lollies.

Pirates of the Caribbean face painting designs...

Skull and crossbones, pirate with eye-patch,

scars and a beard, parrot, shark or maybe a moustache and goat-ie.

Lots of fun pirate games, bubbles, music, pass the treasure chest with prizes, animated pirate story time.

Optional Extras

* Balloon twisting/Pirate swords

* Treasure hunt

Jolly Jackie the Pirate

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