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I was born in a place called "Fairy Meadow" 
in Wollongong, south of Sydney.

This is actually a true story, it is not a fairy tale...and we lived in Cabbage Tree lane.

As children, my sisters and I would ride our horses and run through the flower covered fields, swing out over the sparkling streams holding onto willow tree branches, our feet skimming across the cool clear water.
This was our play ground...our fun wonderland of adventure!


Memories of sliding down grassy hillsides in cardboard boxes, making daisy chains, playing hide and seek in the sun, chasing the cows and picking fresh blackberries are all still so vivid in my mind today.

Moving to Queensland at age nine, I developed a passion for singing, acting, dancing, violin and piano.

I have enjoyed a successful career in the theatre industry as a professional entertainer. An opportunity arose to perform internationally as Marilyn Monroe leading to some wonderful and exciting experiences.


When offered the chance to host children's stage shows, this was something I took to with very little effort.
It was such a natural transition as I have always loved children. 

Often dabbling in painting and drawing, my ambition to establish a children's entertainment business soon became a reality.

So I became a fairy..."Sugarplum the Fairy."

I feel she was born in my heart during those early childhood days growing up in Fairy Meadow. Since then, I have introduced many new characters, inspiring children of all ages to follow their dreams as their imaginations take flight...  

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