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“Silver gold and lilac greet the sun as the day begins
butterflies and fairies with outstretched open wings.

Baby birds are chirping and bluebirds start to sing as we visit all our fairy friends in the warmth of spring.

Only in this special place on a magic breeze
the fairies fly with butterflies and dance in hollow trees.

Toadstool houses welcome us with fairy cakes and dew
newborn bugs and dragonflies flitter, flutter too.

Flowers bloom around us…bees gather honey for their tea
butterflies and fairies flitter flutter…free”


“If there’s sugar in a teacup the fairies know it’s there,
they can smell it as it lingers in the cool clean air.

Any honey in a teacup the fairies can’t resist,
they fly from the farthest forest just to take a sip.

So before you pour the water look inside the cup,
can you see a little fairy? If you can she’ll bring you luck.

And don’t forget the footprints that you’re bound to see,
in the bowl of sugar when you make a cup of tea.

Fairies live forever or so it seems to me, because
they dance in buttercups and drink sweet cups of tea.

Now listen to this secret it’s to you from me,
if you want to see a fairy...just make a cup of tea.”


Fairies are magical wild and free, they live under flowers and up in the trees.
Fairies sing and dance by night but through the day they gather and play.
Fairies eat sugar and frosting and honey,
you might think they’re dull but fairies are funny.
When you go out they wear your hats, and on your pillow they take a nap.
If you smell the air and it’s fragrant and sweet fairies must be in your street.
Sometimes they’re shy but their smile stays the same, they’re happy to see you

and they even know your name. Do you believe in fairies? I do.


 We are fairies flying free, in a group of two or three,
never by ourselves alone do we wander off or roam.
When the moon is bright and new fairies dance in gowns of blue.
We spin and twirl and float and whirl,
there’s Pearl and Merl and my friend Shirl.
We’re fantastic that’s what they say, fairies are often born that way.
Our laugh is like a silver bell and our wings are real, can’t you tell?
Over the rainbow and around the moon

with time for a dance and a happy tune.

Wishing you love and laughter forever after

 ...keep sparkling and shining till we meet again soon.


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