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Friends on the Farm

Say hello to Daisy and her cute and cuddly puppet friends in this fun sing-along adventure complete with musical instruments. Meet Bop the kangaroo and Cookies the kaola too! Heart warming and informative, this is a learning journey for inquiring young minds, encouraging interaction with the world around them.

Friends on the farm
Friends on the farm

Explore the importance of healthy eating and good manners. Children will learn to build self confidence as they experience the joy of easy to follow dance steps and actions. A kidz quiz will enable every child to discover how clever they are.
Songs include: Old Mac Donald had a farm, Mary had a little lamb, Five little ducks, If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.

Friends on the farm

"I like to moove it moove it"

Great for toddlers parties and Kindy visits.

Optional extras: Bubbles, Pass the prize box, Balloons, Lollipop hunt and Story time.

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